Safety tips for cyclists 

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You’ve made a conscious choice to put the car keys down and head out on your bicycle. This is your new means of getting to work. Environmental concerns, fitness and the price of gas have spurred you on to make a change.  

There’s one drawback, though. You’re worried about not being afforded the same levels of physical protection that you had in your vehicle. What can you do to make your cycling journey safer?  

Take a partner  

Perhaps a colleague of yours, who lives nearby, wants to get into cycling too. They have the same reservations as you about safety. Why not get together and ease one another’s anxieties? It’s always better to cycle with a companion when possible. If something happens to you, then you will have an immediate response. You’ll also have a handy witness if someone else causes an accident that results in injuries. 

Utilize safety gear  

Safety gear isn’t guaranteed to prevent injuries during a collision, but it gives you a fighting chance. Studies indicate that bicycle helmets can mitigate severe head injuries by a considerable amount.  

Plan ahead  

If you can avoid areas where heavy traffic is a certainty, you might want to factor this into your journey. Are there designated cycle paths en route? Could you take a diversion through a quiet residential area rather than a busy street? A quiet route may add a few minutes to your journey, but this price is worth paying if it helps to keep you safe.  

Crashes can still happen due to the negligence of a driver. If a road user has caused you severe injuries, make sure you explore your legal options in terms of obtaining compensation.