The dangerous side of bicycle deliveries

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Food delivery services have become quite popular within the past two years. In a busy city like Chicago, many of these deliveries are made by people on bicycles. On any given day, you can find cars, pedestrians, and bicycle riders trying to share space on the Chicago Loop in the pouring rain, sleet, snow, or sun.

The Wells Street Bridge, which crosses over the Chicago River via the Loop, is particularly busy. It has been outfitted with bicycle lanes in an effort to improve safety conditions for all travelers. This is all thanks to the mayor of Chicago, who has done his best in recent years to make the city streets more “bike-friendly.” Yet, despite his best efforts, accidents still happen.

Nighttime deliveries can be a challenge

Around 5:00 p.m., when people are getting out of work, the traffic in the Loop becomes heavily congested. Bicycle delivery personnel may find themselves trying to navigate the roadways with people who are in a foul mood after a long day at the office. They may also have to share the road with people who have been drinking. All of this adds to the dangerous conditions that bicycle delivery people contend with on a regular basis.

How can bicycle delivery people protect themselves?

Besides being extra cautious in heavy traffic, the most important thing a bicycle delivery person can do is monitor the weather. Before leaving for a night of deliveries, check road and weather conditions. If a torrential downpour is on the horizon, it’s probably best to sit out deliveries for the evening.

If you are a bicycle delivery person who has been injured in an accident, contact an experienced legal advisor to discuss your options.