Safety on the roadways this holiday season

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Many festivities around the winter holiday season include alcoholic beverages. While many adults are responsible and don’t consume those if they have to drive, there are others who think they can still safely operate a vehicle.

As the holiday season continues, it’s best for all drivers to be watchful for signs that someone is impaired while they’re driving. Because you never know when you’ll encounter one and because it’s the law, you should always buckle up before you put the vehicle in motion. Wearing a seat belt reduces deaths and serious injuries by half.

What are some signs that a driver is impaired?

Drivers who are impaired can exhibit a host of signs that signal something is amiss. It’s possible that you will only see one of these, but you might spot several. If you see any of them, try to stay away from the vehicle and report the situation to law enforcement officers.

  •       Stopping suddenly without any discernable reason
  •       Driving on the curb or nearly hitting roadside objects
  •       Failing to stop for traffic signs or signals
  •       Drifting in and out of a traffic lane
  •       Straddling the centerline
  •       Driving too fast or too slow for current conditions

Trying to stay away from drunk drivers is one way you might be able to protect yourself from being struck by one. This isn’t foolproof so there’s still a chance of a crash. If you’re struck by a person who’s impaired, you’ll likely need medical care. You can also opt to pursue a claim for compensation that seeks to recover the damages you’re facing due to the crash. Illinois law limits how long you have to do this, so take swift action.