How much is an ambulance ride in Chicago?

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Picture this: You are injured in an accident and require an ambulance to whisk you to the hospital. Time is of the essence, and if you do not get there in minutes, you might die, or your injuries might advance beyond the point where doctors can prevent permanent damage.

The only problem is that the driver wants you to pay before you can get into the ambulance. You fumble through your pockets and pull out a handful of bills totaling $100. The driver looks at you and scoffs. “$100, they say? You’re going to need far more than that for this ride.”

Sound like something that could only happen in a nightmare? You are partially correct. A Chicago ambulance driver is not going to expect upfront payment. Yet, the cost of an ambulance is not a dream. They cost far more than you might realize.

Ambulance costs can vary considerably

A 2014 report looked at ambulance prices, and the results are frightening. If the City of Chicago Fire Department attends you, the ambulance costs were as follows for residents:

  • Basic life support: $900
  • Advanced Life support: $1050 – $1200

Non-residents paid another $100 on top and some Chicago fire departments charged even more. Yet, those costs were not all-in prices. You also need to pay extra for oxygen and each mile driven. The report put the maximum possible fee at just over $2,500.

Remember, also, those were 2014 prices, and costs will well have risen since the information was published. In some cases, these costs may not even be covered by insurance.

If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to pay for the ambulance, medical bills or associated costs. Finding out how to file a personal injury lawsuit can help you send the invoices where they are due.