Michael and Kyle Catalano v. Community Theatre Guild, Inc

Attempted Suicide by Minor

Last fall, Kyle Catalano was 12 years old. As part of his extracurricular activities, Kyle participated in local theater at the Community Theatre in Valparaiso, Indiana. On November 22, 2006, Kyle was involved in a dress rehearsal for a play. While outside the presence of any adults, Kyle went down to the basement and took a noose which the Theatre kept as a prop. Kyle attempted to commit suicide at that time. He survived, but suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Kyle, through his father Michael, brought suit against the Theatre for failing to supervise Kyle during his on site activities. Evidence in the case revealed that on two separate occasions, once approximately one year before the incident, and the other, a few days before the act, a parent saw Kyle playing with the noose. The noose, however, remained at the theater.

Though the Theatre denied any liability in the case, Eugene Hollander settled the case for the Defendant’s policy limits of $750,000 shortly after suit was filed. Hollander said that “this case is a tragedy, and while no sum of money could compensate Kyle and his family for their loss, at least Kyle can get the proper medical care that he requires.”