Can activity actually help concussions?

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If you bang your head in a vehicle accident, you might suffer a concussion, among other injuries. Most people have suffered from this at some point, and it is common among children, as they often fall and bang their head – be it on the sports field, trying a new skateboard trick or falling off the kitchen counter while climbing to reach the cookie jar.

When you suffered a concussion as a kid, you were probably told to go and lie down. Perhaps your mom pulled the curtains to reduce the light getting into your room. New research does not contradict this advice, but it does suggest that maybe you should begin to engage in light activity soon after.

With growing awareness of just how many football players and boxers have suffered long-term brain damage due to “knocks to the head,” you need to take this new advice to rush back with caution. It is one piece of research specifically looking at teen athletes.

It is easy to dismiss a bang to the head as a concussion. However, traumatic brain injuries can show similar initial symptoms, and their effect could be much more severe and longer-lasting.

Anytime you are in a vehicle crash, it is best to get a medical professional to check you for signs of injuries. Brain injuries are one of several injury types that may not be immediately apparent. If you overlook them and settle quickly with the other party and their insurer, it could leave you struggling when the full extent of your injuries comes to light.

As to what the best recovery process is? Again, whatever your injuries, that is something you need to consult with a doctor on.