Texting and driving isn’t just dangerous, it’s illegal

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It’s surprising to think about now, but we haven’t always understood the full danger of texting and driving. There was a time when this was a legal activity and a lot of people thought that they could drive safely enough while doing it.

However, the statistics over the last decade and a half have made it very clear that texting and driving causes a lot of accidents. This has led to campaigns to help people understand the risk of what they’re doing.

But this has also changed the way that the laws are set up. It’s not just that texting and driving is dangerous. Under Illinois law, it is actually illegal to use a handheld device while you’re driving. There are situations in which you can use a hands-free system, such as a Bluetooth device, but you cannot hold the device in your hand while driving.

People still do it

One of the problems that these updates to the law have exposed is the fact that people will certainly still do this even though it’s illegal. It’s a constant threat that you face in Illinois, whether you are walking, driving, biking or doing anything else near the road. Other drivers are still going to allow themselves to become distracted and they’re going to cause serious accidents.

If you have been severely injured in one of these accidents, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation. This can help with the cost of medical bills, lost wages and much more.