Collisions are on the rise in Illinois

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Like most other states, Illinois faces a perennial road safety problem. Data from the Department of Transportation paints a grim picture of the current state of affairs, where accidents have been on the rise since 2017.

The human cost of these accidents is astounding, with more than a thousand lives lost in 2021 alone and many more injuries reported. What are the reasons behind the increase in the number of collisions in Illinois?

Human error contributes to the majority of these crashes

Surprisingly, most of these accidents are avoidable and arise from human mistakes. Speeding, for instance, contributes to a significant number of them, and so does drunk driving. Other negligent driving behavior such as running red lights, distracted driving and tailgating are also leading causes of collisions in the state.

While failure to wear seat belts does not directly contribute to these crashes, it aggravates the injuries suffered by the victims.

Staying safe on the roads

Road safety starts with you. Ensure regular maintenance of your car. Additionally, practice safe driving by avoiding any distractions and observing the traffic rules. Do not drink and drive, and buckle up even if you are going for short trips.

Expect anything out there

Of course, your safety on the road depends on other drivers’ actions too. You may think you have all the boxes checked only to end up in a crash with a drunk driver who lost control of their vehicle.

Therefore, it is important to hold such negligent drivers accountable if they contributed to or caused your accident. Knowing the steps to take in such a situation will help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve for any damages suffered.