Keep your kids safe if they walk to school in Chicago

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The first day of school is only a few days away. Parents are buying school clothes and packing away the supplies their kids will need to complete the year. All of us want our children to succeed in their academic endeavors, but the first step is making sure they arrive at school safely.

Some parents now drive their kids to school to improve their safety, but many others still walk to school. You can make sure your young ones are never involved in a pedestrian accident by teaching them a few tips to keep them safe.

Teaching your kids about safe walking

Most children do not think about safety or getting hit by a car while walking to school. As such, consider teaching them the following before they begin traveling to and from school on foot:

  • Look both ways several times when crossing a street.
  • Always use a designated path or sidewalk when available.
  • If a path is not available, always face oncoming traffic when walking.
  • Be cautious around parked vehicles as they could pull out unexpectedly.
  • Never run or dart onto a roadway.
  • Try making eye contact with drivers so that they know you are there.
  • Put away phones and other devices while walking.
  • Teach them what traffic signals, signs and lights mean.

Most pedestrian accidents result in catastrophic injuries. If your kids are under the age of ten, it is wise to walk with them until they are old enough to judge traffic patterns and vehicle speeds accurately. If your child has already suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, consider learning more about your legal options in Chicago, Illinois.