Previously prosecuted Chicago driver strikes pedestrians again

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Walking or biking in Chicago is generally safe when you pay attention to the traffic patterns and watch out for oncoming vehicles. However, pedestrian accidents can still happen.

In 2018, a Chicago man struck a 93-year-old female pedestrian, causing her death. The driver pleaded guilty, resulting in a sentence of 30 months on probation. A court also ordered him to attend a victim impact panel and undergo random drug testing.

The driver is facing multiple charges

The consequences he faced failed to impact the driver because he has once again injured pedestrians with the same car. In this recent pedestrian accident, the driver reportedly struck two pedestrians near Irving Park Road and Broadway.

Another person stopped to help the injured pedestrians only to be struck down by the driver. After injuring these three victims, the driver attempted to flee but lost control and crashed into the Gill Park gate on West Sheridan Road. The police arrested him at the scene.

Some of the new charges filed against the driver include:

  • Three counts of leaving the scene of the accident
  • A single count of DUI
  • A single count of driving under the influence of intoxicating compounds

Two of the recent victims suffered serious injuries and are in critical condition. Fortunately, the third victim is in good condition, suffering only pain in one leg.

This accident shows how critical it is to remain cautious when using Chicago’s roads and sidewalks as a pedestrian. It also serves as an example of why everyone should report dangerous driving behaviors. When more people file a report and pursue a legal solution after a car or pedestrian accident, it can improve safety for everyone.