Beware of this spring hazard for motorcyclists: Grass clippings

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The spring is a wonderful time in Chicago. The snow melts. Bicyclists and motorcyclists start to venture out for fresh air. Homeowners get to work preparing their yards for the warmer months. What many people don’t realize is that yard preparation can be dangerous for motorcyclists and sometimes bicyclists. 

Grass clippings on the roadways are slick. When a motorcyclist drives over them, there’s a chance that they’ll lose control of the motorcycle. Some have noted that grass clippings are sort of like driving on a sheet of ice for a person on a motorcycle. 

Prevention is the key

Homeowners and yard maintenance companies can reduce the chance of this happening by bagging up the grass when they cut it. Alternatively, they can blow it to the middle of the yard. The key here is that they can’t just let it blow into the roadway. 

In some cases, a motorcyclist may lose control when they ride over the grass clippings and end up in the path of oncoming traffic. The is very dangerous, so the best option is for anyone cutting grass to think about the motorcyclists and bicyclists so they remember to handle the clippings in a responsible manner. 

Any motorcyclist who’s injured in a crash this spring should ensure they get medical care right away so they can find out if they have any hidden injuries. This treatment can be costly, so they may choose to seek compensation from the negligent party that caused the crash. Illinois law sets time limits for filing these cases, so you can’t wait too long after the crash occurs.